How drones can help your investment

We use a drone (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) equiped with high-end tools to detect and monitor bird and bat activity where it matters: the impact risk area.

   Why use drones? 

The use of conventional monitoring techniques such as car-based transects is, in many situations, unadequate to assess the real risk situation a site may represent for bird and bat communities. The risk area is dependent on the type of project, and in vertical projects it is frequently above 50 m height, as per example in wind energy facilities.

  How is it done? 

The drone is eqquiped with state of the art technology to capture signals of interest from the faunal groups to be assessed - birds, bats (or others). We use ultrasound detectors to detect bat activity, being able to measure its intensity and map its occurrence. Through the use of photographic or video cameras we can inspect remote locations and survey nests of species of conservation concern. Both aspects have a very relevant input for the project's viability and assessment robustness.



Drones. The best solution for your project

Start using drones now and focus in what matters.

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