How we can help your project

We care about about all the phases of your project

Whether you need to know if your project is viable, which potential environmental impacts it involves and how you can overcome these impacts, we are able to provide your with the best answers and solutions by means of innovative methods during all your project phases:

  • Planning 
  • Risk assessment
  • Impact assessment


  • Avoidance
  • Mitigation


  • Avoidance
  • Mitigation
  • Restoration
  • Compensation/offsets​
Tailored services to provide the best solutions

We offer a variety of environmental services tailored for your Renewable Energies' investment, such as:

               Smart siting 

              Customized Curtailment 

                   Monitoring of bats at height of blade sweep area with drones

               Bird nest survey at innaccessible locations with drones

We are committed to biodiversity and development

We are committed to demonstrate that human development and biodiversity conservation is possible and we do so through the development of robust and sound assessments in compliance with international and national best practice guidelines ( Good Practice Wind  Bat Conservation International   BirdLife  Natura 2000 Network ).

We offer services tailored for your Wind project

  Smart siting service 
An adequate siting of your project can greatly avoid potential environmental issues. It can make a difference during your analysis of the project's viability.
 Customized Curtailment

We offer customized curtailment, adjusted to the natural levels of bird and bat activity present at your project's site to avoid unnecessary loses to your project.

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Why Bioinsight?

Reliability .  Our team is committed in providing sustained assessments to our client's projects. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive background in impact assessment, biodiversity monitoring and managent. See more...

Innovation. We believe that for new problems new solutions are necessary. That's why our  team focuses in finding innovative solutions customized for each project's characteristics.

Experience.  Bioinsight has been involved in over 40 wind energy projects in Europe and South Africa. See more...

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Know more about our methods

How drones can help your investment

We use a drone (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) equiped with high-end tools to detect and monitor bird and bat activity where it matters: the impact risk area.

Advantages of RADAR tecnologies for bat and bird monitoring

RADAR technology that enables us to detect bat and bird in real time, at night and day.

Using dogs to search for bats and birds

Trained dogs increases the precision of detection of bat and bird fatalities at your wind farm. See how this is important for your investment.