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Bioinsight team comprises specialists in Biodiversity with a multidisciplinary background, highly knowledgeable in marine and terrestrial ecosystems and onshore and offshore projects.

South Africa

Craig Campbell

National Manager

Craig Campbell graduated with an Honours Degree in Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He joined Bioinsight in 2013 and has had extensive experience in ecological baseline studies and biodiversity monitoring surveys on several renewable energy projects in South Africa. 

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  South Africa, Cape Town                  





Miguel Mascarenhas

Bioinsight Manager

Miguel Mascarenhas is a Manager and an Ecological Environmental specialist that likes challenges, innovation and be a solution designer.

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  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters                  



Sílvia Mesquita

Sales Manager

Sílvia Mesquita graduated in Applied Biology and holds a Post-Graduation in Tourism in Protected Areas. During her 13-year career she has worked in various projects worldwide.

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  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters                  




Nuno Salgueiro

Production Manager

Nuno Salgueiro has acquired large technical experience on ecological impact assessment and developed numerous ecological monitoring program.

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  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters                  




Sandra Rodrigues

Marine Specialist and Bat Ecologist

Sandra Rodrigues graduated in Environmental Biology and holds a MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management. She has acquired a wide range of marine and terrestrial sampling techniques and a global understanding these ecosystem during her 7-year career. 

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  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters                  




Gonçalo Costa

Ecologist and wolf specialist

Gonçalo Costa's fascination with nature led him to graduated in Biology and to work in a wide range of projects, involving several different group species, although wolves have been his species of choice. 

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  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters                  




Silvie Cardiga

Financial Consultant

Silvie Cardiga has a BSc in Management provided by the Economy and Management Superior Institute in 2004 and is a Certified Account since 2013. Over time she has acquired skills working in a wide variety of subjects such as management control, quality management and administrative support to commercial activities.

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Anabela Paula

Conservation Biologist

Anabela Paula, is graduated in Biology and holds a MSc in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management. She started her career in 2004, working mainly with mammal monitoring and in Iberian lynx conservations programs, both in Portugal and Spain.

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  Portugal, Aveiro Branch                  




João Paula

Fauna and Flora Ecologist

João Paula has more than 9 years of professional experience as a biologist/technician. During his career he has collaborated in over 80 projects in his area of expertise. He has experience in the ecological sections of  environmental impact assessment processes, where he helps clients to understand the ecological interaction of their projects with nature.

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  Portugal, Aveiro Branch                  




Isabel Passos

Flora Specialist and Fauna Ecologist

Isabel Passos is graduated in Biology and holds an MSc in Applied Ecology, directed to the issue of invasive plants species. She has always invested in academic and professional training, mostly on the botanic field, where she develops most of her work.

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  Portugal, Aveiro Branch