Sílvia Mesquita

Sales Manager

Sílvia Mesquita graduated in Applied Biology and holds a Post-Graduation in Tourism in Protected Areas. During her 13-year career she has worked in projects in Portugal, Costa Rica, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Poland and Middle East. 
As biologist Silvia is specialized in Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Biodiversity Management Planning. She was also involved in the application of the European Birds and Habitats Directives over the environmental assessment of projects and plans and over the incorporation of the ecosystem services in the assessment and management of biodiversity. As a specialist, Silvia participated in the Working Group on No Net Loss of the Ecosystems organized by the European Commission and in the Road Test of the Weaving Ecosystem Services into Impact Assessment – A Step-by-step Method, published by the World Resource Institute. 
Over the last 4 years Silvia has been responsible for finding the best commercial and technical solutions for clients projects and challenges. Looking for new and outside the box ideas and solutions she helps the clients to reconcile their projects with biodiversity. 

Main working areas or relevant skills: Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Biodiversity Management Planning, Ecosystem Services.


  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters