Joana Marques

Bat and Bird Ecologist

Joana Marques has a BSc in Biology Applied to Terrestrial Ecosystems and has an MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management. In her 3-year experience she has been working towards reconciling energy development and biodiversity conservation, being involved in more than 20 wind farm, power lines and dam projects. In these projects she has focused on bird and bat interactions with man-made structures in order to produce the best evaluation regarding the project impacts in its different phases: project design and layout assessment, construction phase and operational phase. She is also the co-author of the “Guidance on avian post construction monitoring techniques for wind and solar energy facilities with specific reference to Migrating Soaring Birds (MSB’s) in the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway” (in review) in collaboration with BirdLife International.

Main working areas or relevant skills Bird ecology, bat ecology, statistical analysis, bird morphological identification, bat acoustic identification, bat morphological identification, experimental design.


  Portugal, Lisbon Headquarters