About us

Bioinsight is a company that provides consultancy services to economic activities that directly affect natural resources and, therefore, have significant impacts on Biodiversity and the Ecosystems:  

  Renewable Energy ​      Oil & Gas ​      Maritime
 Transport ​    Tourism ​       Other

Our main consultancy services involve Baseline Ecological Studies, Environmental Impact Assessment, Biodiversity Monitoring, Mitigation, Compensation/Offsets and applied research studies. We also provide training courses in various tematics.

We work together with our Clients on developing solutions to meet the requirements of the several steps that compose the business cycle of their projects:

  Planning   Risk assessment   Impact assessment
​   Avoidance ​  Mitigation   Restoration
  Compensation/offsets  Due diligence


Our Mission. Embrace biodiversity as a key to our client's project success, using innovative methods and cutting edge tools.

Our Vision . To be top world specialists in reconciling economic activities and biodiversity, creating value to the ecosystems and our client's projects.

Our partners

Bioinsight joins forces together with other entities to provide the best solution for your project: