Static bat monitoring at blade height at Rymanów Wind Farm (Poland)

We are looking to understand bat species composition and activity levels that occur at hight level and its relation with environmental variables in order to predict which periods bats are more active.

The Rymanów Wind Energy Facility is located in Podkarpacie region (Subcarpathian province) to the North of Rymanów Town in Poland.

Bioinsight was assigned to monitor bat activity at height during operation phase. To do so, a monitoring programmed was implemented and an automatic and static ultrasound bat detector was placed at 21 meters height in a wind turbine and set to record continually from dusk to down.

The monitoring's main purpose is to characterize the bat comunity that uses the area at this height, determine bat activity over time and asses how environmental variables that are relevant for bats (temperature, wind speed, etc) influence their activity so that future potential mitigation measures, if necessary, can be properly supported.


Start year. 2013
Project type. Post-construction Monitoring
Biological groups. Bats
Monitoring methods. Automatic and static acoustic detection